Eat Local with Local Grocers

David Bletsoe-Brown launched Local Grocers in October to help some of the fi nest Northamptonshire food providers to deliver their quality produce to families all over the county and beyond.

The Local Grocers website provides access to the fi nest local greengrocers, butchers, wine merchants, fl orists and much more. Shoppers can buy their full weekly shop from Local Grocers, as they would with an online supermarket, and Local Grocers will deliver it all to the customer on a day of their choosing. To help those people who are less able to use the internet, who might be currently be shielding and feeling vulnerable, the company also accepts orders through their telephone line.

British families turned towards local food providers over lockdown and many found that they preferred the high-quality food they received, as well as the feeling of supporting their local community.

Local Grocers makes it easier for you to continue to support your local community while feeding your family delicious food.

Families can place their orders through the Local Grocers website which has been designed to feel like walking through a farmers market. After you type in your postcode you get access to many exquisite food providers within 20 miles of your address. David started Local Grocers because he truly believes in the power of shopping locally to improve our diets and help our community and the environment at the same time. The idea came out of a personal need to shop locally without having to go around different stores to get the weekly shop, so he built Local Grocers to solve that problem. The selection of specialist local products that are stocked by Local Grocers’ partners simply aren’t available elsewhere online and the quality of the food is exceptional. If you are interested in becoming a partner yourself with Local Grocers to supply your local produce to local consumers, please also get in touch with David.

Local Grocers believe in sustainability, so they’re proud to announce their partnership with Re, Northamptonshire’s fi rst and largest refi llable store for all your dried goods and ecological supplies.

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Eat Local with Local Grocers