Unique Baby College classes are opening in Kettering and Corby and the surrounding villages, offering a weekly development programme for parents and their babies, from birth to three years.

Through fun informative activities such as singing, sensory, language and play, the confi dence in both parent and child is boosted as the parent gets support in how to stimulate their little one and understand the milestones of infant development. By placing equal emphasis on stimulating parents as well as their babies, and including the science behind the fun, Baby College therefore signifi cantly differs from other classes aimed at this age group.

The Baby College programme is based around a series of gentle physical, neurological, communication and cognitive exercises to help a baby’s balance system mature, replace infant refl exes, and explore communication and connection to other people.

Classes have been operating successfully in other parts of the country for seventeen years, but this is the fi rst time they have been available in this region, where they are being run by Gemma Wilson. Gemma has been teaching in a variety of settings in clubs, a school and presently a college. Based in Islip, with two young children herself , Gemma is excited about her new venture and of being able to inspire the younger ages.

Having worked with teenagers for 12 years Gemma believes that if the right techniques are used from an earlier age then teenage behaviours may change, helping to nurture the future generations.

Gemma has big plans for Baby College in her region, with classes initially taking place at Islip Village Hall and Priors Hall Park Community Centre from April and Kettering from September. The long-term goal is to bring classes to community centres and village halls, on recommendations from health visitors and midwives. Gemma will be running classes at the weekends as well to allow those that work midweek to have the opportunity of quality time in the classes.

For further information, please contact Gemma on 07879 054 964 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Baby College Kettering and Corby