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Steve Cole Adventures with Words

Saturday 6th March, 2pm. Tickets £5

Come and watch Steve Cole – author of Astrosaurs, Secret Agent Mummy, Magic Ink, Doctor Who, Young Bond and many more. He will lead you on a laugh-a-minute, high energy, ukulele-accompanied master class in “chucking imagination at words” (aka telling stories). He will teach children quick-and-easy ways to invent story ideas, share secret writing tips and reveal the origins of some of his own loopy characters. Children and adults alike will feel enthused and inspired to leap into new adventures in creative writing!

Steve Cole is a best-selling children’s author whose sales exceed three million copies. He used to edit magazines and books but prefers the job of a writer where you can wear pyjamas and eat chocolate all day. Much in demand for his energetic performances at events, Steve has appeared at Edinburgh, Hay, Cheltenham, Oxford, Bath, YALC and World Book Day’s Biggest Book Show on Earth and more importantly he is now coming to Oundle via Zoom!

The fi nalists from our Children’s Writing Competition will fi nd out the results at the end of this event!

Roger Morgan-Grenville Liquid Gold; Bees and the Pursuit of Midlife Honey

Tuesday 13th April, 8pm Tickets £6

After a chance meeting in the pub, Roger MorganGrenville and his friend Duncan decide to take up beekeeping. Their enthusiasm matched only by their ignorance; they are pitched into an arcane world of unexpected challenges.

Coping with many setbacks along the way – stings are not even the half of it - they manage to create a colony of beehives, fi nishing two years later with more honey than anyone knows what to do with. By standing back from their normal lives and working with the cycle of the seasons, they emerge with a new-found understanding of nature and a respect for the honeybee and the threats it faces.

Wryly humorous and surprisingly moving, Liquid Gold is the story of a friendship between two unlikely men at very different stages of their lives. It’s the story of colourful characters as well as of the bees themselves. ‘One jar of honey is the result of the combined efforts of over 20,000 bees over a period of time, and they will cumulatively fl y 50,000 miles and visit two million fl owers in order to produce it…’

Roger Morgan-Grenville was a soldier in the Royal Green Jackets from 1978 to 1986. In 2007, he helped to set up the charity Help for Heroes. This is his fourth book.

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Oundle Festival of Literature March/April 2021