At the time of writing, looking out across our
car park at Burton Latimer there is an array of
colour, not from the plants we have on sale,
but from the face coverings that are currently
mandatory in all our indoor spaces. They
certainly seem to be this year’s must-have
fashion accessory.

As September approaches, this is the time
the garden centre takes one of its major
transformations and starts gearing up towards
Christmas and our displays start being
constructed. This year will be no exception
and you can look forward to another magical

Our Christmas events schedule
has been thrown a little due
to Covid-19 and we ask
that you follow our social
media channels and
website for updates
on what events we
will be running. Our
main priority is to keep
everyone safe but hope
to bring you a Christmas
experience of some kind.

Looking to the garden,
and now is the time to start
planning and planting your bulbsfor early Spring and Summer colour. A real personal favourite is the allium or ornamental
onion with their globe heads of colour, usually
purple but can also be found in blue, white and
pinks. Did you know that leeks, onions and
garlic are all part of the allium family, but it is
the ornamental varieties that create the real
beauty to the borders. The allium bulb works
equally well in tubs and containers creating a
variance in height to other plants. Even after
their fl owering the seed heads provide interest
with their intricate structure on display. Alliums
work well as cut fl owers indoors.

Take care where you plant alliums by
providing some shelter as strong
winds could bend and snap
the stems. Equally, they do
not like being too wet as
this can cause the bulb
to rot. They are quite
a hardy bulb and don’t
need any special care
over winter.

There are a number
of different varieties
available instore along
with a wide range of bulbs
from Taylors Bulbs, a fourth
generation family business
based in Lincolnshire.

For the vegetable
gardener – now is
the time to plant
the “brassicas”.
Some of the better
known brassicas
include cabbage,
broccoli, Brussel
sprouts, swedes and
turnips. Much of the
brassica family are packed
with goodness including anti-oxidants and vitamins.
The cabbage has numerous health benefi ts and is
low in calories and great for the digestive tract. It
contains both Vitamin C and K , is a good source
of fi bre, and is said to have anti-infl ammatory
properties, to boost your immune system and have
skin cleansing properties.

Cabbages can be grown from seed, either in seed
trays or directly in the ground. It is best to have
some insect proof netting around the young plants
as they are susceptible to caterpillars and root fl y.
Cooking cabbage can be done by boiling, braising,
sautéing or steaming and, of course, you can shred
it to make some homemade coleslaw. You can even
mix a couple of varieties and the purple cabbage
justs adds a nice splash of colour to any dish.

That’s all for this issue but hopefully by the next issue normality may have resumed.

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