Moving the classes online

With the increased pressures on everyone
at the moment, we are keen to ensure we
support the health and wellbeing of the local
community. With this in mind, we made the
decision to provide free online classes for all
via our professionally produced and easy-tofollow

To register to gain access to the classes simply
head to and sign up today.
Classes include a variety of types of Yoga,
Pilates, Meditation, Zumba, Fitsteps and much
more… Our online sessions are currently free
for all so register now to experience the benefi ts
of Ironstone before lockdown lifts. This is a
great opportunity to sample an Ironstone class
and have a taster class of the many instructors
we have on offer at the centre.

What have we been up to
whilst we have been closed?

Whilst our doors may be closed, we have been
working hard preparing for our re-opening.
Expect lots of changes to come under the
management of New Studio Director Harry
Hewetson. We have used this time to add to
our timetable, hunting out new instructors and
different classes to offer. The latest addition
will be a Barre Class; for those who don’t know
what Barre is, Barre is a fun, energetic, workout
that fuses techniques from Ballet, Pilates, and
Yoga that will engage muscles in the whole
body. Something which we cannot wait to try
ourselves as soon as the barre is fi tted!

With social distancing and the two-metre rule
ultimately meaning greatly reduced class sizes
for when we reopen, we are looking into ways
to move the classes outside. We have a large
open space behind the centre which means
more people will ultimately be able to attend
the classes. Most of all though, nothing apart
from being in one of our purpose-built studios
of course, beats a yoga class outside in nature.

In the future, we are looking to continue the
online classes and will be incorporating this
as part of our membership package; ideal for
those who work away a lot or have children
to look after, basically anyone really as we all
have busy lives to juggle. This offer gives you
added fl exibility and the freedom for when you
have that free moment when no one is about,
to slot in a class as and when needed. After all,
we have all gotten used to this way of life over
the past few months…

Ironstone Wellbeing Centre