Summer Update

Well, this has certainly been a year like no
other! Like the rest of the National Trust, we
are waiting now to see when we might be
able to reopen our doors. During lockdown
so far, the team have been undertaking
essential checks of the site to look for
damage or any trespassing, and to monitor

On Saturday 16th May, we took part in the
National Trust DAWNS programming, in
association with an artist collection called
Non Zero One who create interactive
experiences; we all joined together on social
media to listen to their app where they had
musicians playing sounds of dawn as the
sun rose from Lands’ End all the way to John
o’ Groats. We had planned this to be an
interactive event at properties themselves,
right across the UK, but it was lovely to see
everyone’s photos on Twitter.

The property is getting a longer rest than we
had anticipated at the beginning of the year,
but without visitor footfall we are beginning
to see some of the grass paths recovering
from years of footsteps. The spiral mounts
and wildfl ower meadows are putting on a
gorgeous display, which we have been sharing
with those who wish they could visit through
the social media channels – NTLyveden on
Facebook and Twitter if you’re not already
following us!

While the National Trust puts together plans
on reopening with safe, socially distanced
visits with controlled numbers, Lyveden is
still waiting for construction to fi nish. The
contractors are onsite, and the new car park
and the accessible paths have been completed.
We can’t say for sure when the property will be
open again, but we miss you and are looking
forward to welcoming everyone back as soon
as we are able.


Lyveden New Bield

Lyveden New Bield


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