Dear Reader

The summer presented us with what can only be described as variable
weather. Scorching days with temperatures reaching 30°C were followed
by wet and windy ones resembling October rather than August - you had to
be prepared for all sorts. As a result, many of the wonderful festivals and
outdoor events we had been looking forward to sadly had to be cancelled.

Thankfully, the weather was almost consistently kind for what was, without a
shadow of doubt, the most dominant event of the season: the London 2012
Olympics. As some fortunate enough to have obtained tickets in the ballot,
we thoroughly enjoyed the games and remain in absolute awe of the massive
achievement shown not only by the athletes but by the organisers and
volunteers. London has never looked more stunning or welcoming and may
the spirit of these unforgettable games live on and be the inspiration for the
generation to come.

You can sometimes find inspiration from the strangest of sources. Read the
article on page 12 on how circumstances made Louise Evans turn her life
around and pages 54-55 on how poor farming output forced Beverley and
Tim Hankins to diversify into holiday cottages and a tearoom. Another husband
and wife team to set up a business from necessity is Ginny and John
Evans who turned redundancy into eco consultancy, see pages 76-77.

September is the start of the new academic year and, therefore, often a time
for new beginnings. Our young go back to school, set off to go to college,
university or on ventures new. Some of us may decide to go to evening
classes, take up a new hobby or rekindle an old one to enjoy during the
darker autumn and winter months. You are never too old to start something
new or tread onto unknown territory way outside your comfort zone. I speak
from personal experience from our holiday to Basilicata in southern Italy
when I surprised the entire family by doing zip wire ‘angel flights’ at 120km/
hour in the mountains.

Go on, do something different this autumn, surprise yourself… and others!







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