Why Won’t You Let Me Speak? 

This topical new book by Denford-resident Sara Harling teaches women to ‘grab the mic’ at work and in life. Concise, compelling and practical, ’Why Won’t You Let Me Speak?’ is a handbook for every woman in today’s workplace - full of the skills that women need to survive, and guidance on how to speak up and be heard.

This is Sara’s fi rst book, part of a range of four called ‘Time for Direct Talk’. Sure to resonate with women (and men) all over the world, the book is a must-read for anyone who struggles with feelings of alienation and frustration, wondering if they’re just not loud enough at work or home. Sara outlines why women are often interrupted, and provides practical advice to have readers feeling confi dent in every aspect of their lives. This topical new book by Denford-resident Why Won’t You Let Me Speak? will give you tools and skills to help improve your communication skills and boost your confi dence in any situation. You will fi nd out why this keeps happening to you and how to change things quickly and easily. You will be able to contribute to that meeting, build your self-esteem and confi dence and handle any situation you may face at work, or indeed, in your personal life. Take back control over your work, your career and even your relationships with family and friends and get the life and career you deserve.

Sara has spent most of her career in executive management within the food and manufacturing industry. She has worked from Sales Representative to Managing Director, Chairman to Consultant. Sara was awarded a Nuffi eld Scholarship to research changes in globalisation for the food industry and was the Royal Warrant holder for services to HM the Queen. She has also studied to be a personal and business coach specialising in areas of communication, stress and strategic management; Sara is also a non-executive director. Her passion now is to teach, coach and inspire every single woman to realise that they have everything they need inside of them to live the lives that they want and have the career they deserve.