Food awards partners
rise to the occasion!
Northampton’s much-loved
wholefood retailer Daily
Bread may have had
to put last month’s ruby
anniversary party on hold
because of COVID-19, but it
still has plenty of reasons to
celebrate, thanks to an amazing
partnership with another of the
county’s iconic fi rms!

When the surge for bread and cake-making
ingredients hit at the start of lockdown, it
turned to fellow Weetabix Northamptonshire
Food and Drink Awards sponsor Heygates
Flour and Animal Feed to ensure that its
supply of plain and self-raising kept fl owing
to meet the needs of those Paul Hollywoods
and Mary Berrys who emerged from the crisis!
Indeed, over the four months from March to
June, Daily Bread saw demand for its bread
fl ours alone more than double to almost six
tonnes, and that was met largely by a constant
supply of sacks delivered by the Bugbrookebased
millers, which were then packed into
manageable retail bags.

Taking a well-earned break from what has
been one of their busiest periods ever, the cooperative’s
longest serving Member of thirtythree
years, John Clarke, says the irony of
their slightly misleading name is not lost on
him: “ It is funny to think that we have never
sold a Daily Bread ready-made loaf in our
entire forty year history, so I’m really glad to
think that, when our customers found their
usual supply was limited, and they turned to
baking their own, we were able to help when
they needed us!” explained John.

Daily Bread has been a fi rm favourite with the
county during its forty years of trading while
its popular online business sees it receive
orders from right across the UK. Its wholefood
offering makes up the core of its sales, while its
4500-strong product range also offers a host
of environmentally-friendly cleaning products
as well as herbal remedies, cruelty free body
care, and cosmetics.

Meanwhile the shop, based on Northampton’s
Bedford Road, has recently extend its hours
and is now open from 9am to 1pm and
2pm to 5pm, Monday to Saturday, while
orders can also be placed via its website -

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Weetabix Northamptonshire Food & Drink Awards 2020/21