Thank you for making a difference

Northamptonshire Health Charity has received
an overwhelming amount of support from the
local community since the COVID outbreak. It’s
thanks to the many kind and generous people
like you that has allowed the charity to support
our local NHS staff and patients throughout this
diffi cult time. Here are just some of the ways
you’ve helped make a difference so far:

Kindness boxes & pop-up stations
For the last three months, snacks, drinks and
treats were delivered to wards at Northampton
General Hospital and via weekly pop up stations
in the community hospitals, where staff could
grab food and drink on the go.

Calm space and green spaces
A calming area for staff at Northampton General
Hospital that is accessible 24/7 was funded,
somewhere to relax and access support. Similar
outdoor spaces are being developed across the
hospital and the community and mental health
hospitals to benefi t both patients and staff.

Tablets, radios & activities
An incredible 54 tablets were donated and others
funded allowing patients to have video calls with
loved ones.

“To be able to see my dad’s face on a
screen, it was the closest thing we’re going
to get! My family & I are eternally grateful for
the opportunity you’ve given us!”

The tablets have also been used for providing
calming hypnosis therapies to intensive care
patients and to facilitate virtual group activities
for mental health patients. Donations of radios,
puzzle & colouring books, playing cards and
a host of other activity items also provided
entertainment for patients in hospital and those
receiving care in the community, together with
rehab packs for COVID patients who are in
hospital for many weeks.

Staff accommodation

Furnishings and practical supplies for frontline
staff unable to return home due to working in
COVID areas or longer shifts.

Community maternity hub

The charity part-funded the hub at The Saints
rugby ground for the community midwifery
services to resume and will be funding its

Books for children

Books illustrated by Axel Scheffer of The Gruffalo
fame, helping to make sense of the pandemic
for children in hospital and those receiving care
services across the county.

Sensory room at Berrywood hospital

Creation of a multisensory room on Cove ward
providing a diverse tranquil space able to offer
numerous benefi ts for service users and staff.

New volunteers’ hub for the hospital

The hospital volunteers work incredibly hard
but have stepped up even more throughout
the pandemic to ensure an array of services
are supported. The team have no actual base
but the charity can now fund a new space for
them to store personal belongings, conduct
training sessions and coordinate their numerous

Online mindfulness programme

A mindfulness programme for the most vulnerable
mental health patients to address the signifi cant
negative impact of COVID-19 measures such as
increased anxiety, stress and depression.

Birthday packs

‘Birthday packs’ for patients spending their
birthday in hospital. They contain cards, stickers,
banners, confetti and balloons etc.

These projects and initiatives are happening all thanks to you! There’s still time to get involved via
Contact the charity team on 01604 626927
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

 Northamptonshire Health Charity

Northamptonshire Health Charity