It is just over 18 months since Barking Bags fi rst appeared on BBC Dragons’ Den. Friends of retired teachers Rob and Debbie thought they were barking mad to embark on a new project and take on the Dragons when they could be putting their feet up, so you may be wondering what has happened since then.

Spoiler alert… if you caught the programme fi rst time around, you’ll have seen Milton Keynes based couple, Debbie and Rob, with their adorable cockapoo Maisie, make a pitch that attracted support from Sara Davis. However, it has been Northampton entrepreneurs, that have taken the business to the next level.

“ The Dragons actually weren’t that scary” Debbie told us. As former teachers she and Rob had both been in front of more hostile audiences before! “We were encouraged by the advice and support of the Dragons but in the end, the deal was never signed”. However, we knew we had the makings of a successful business. “TV exposure sent sales of our dog walking bags through the roof and we sold out of our entire 9 months’ worth of stock in just three days”, Rob told us. The business also attracted attention from other would-be investors. When they met with local business entrepreneurs, Marcus Richardson and Carl Raven based in Northampton, a new deal was sealed.

The new partners were keen to see the business grow, they have much of the business acumen Debbie and Rob lack and they have an amazing team behind them. “Failure isn’t an option they told us at our very fi rst meeting in their waterside café in Northampton, and we could see why.” With their help Barking Bags is more professional and streamlined, with a growing local customer base and a vibrant social media presence. They have plans to internationalise the business, so expect to see Barking Bags in the States very soon.  

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From Barking Mad to Barking Bags