“Mary Knighton”

Published in 2017 this is Brown’s debut novel, set in the area of Upper and Lower Dean and billed as a novel of “Cruelty, Drama and Courage.” Although some of the settings have been renamed, it is not diffi cult for anyone who lives locally to work out where the action takes place, ranging from Northampton in one direction, to Kimbolton in the other.

Beginning in 1898 as Mary ends her schooldays, the novel contrasts the idyllic scenery of her surroundings with the hardship and isolation of rural life in those days. Mary is a headstrong and passionate character whose story revolves around a promising career in fashion, a hapless marriage and overcoming misfortune, all compellingly told as the story unfolds.


Suitable for all ages, this is a much shorter novel based in Covington where the author was born and still lives today. Protagonist, Peter, is given a rabbit by Len a severely disabled neighbour while recovering from illness which turns out to have magical qualities.

“A Knock On The Door”

Again set in Dean, this third novel revolves around a group of teenagers in the farming community. The novel takes a dark turn when one of teenagers is trapped in a horrifi c situation completely beyond his control and the enormity of the offence then committed and the reaction of the offender shocks everyone. Twists and revelations then ensue.

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Local Author Focus: Thomas Richard Brown