The rural team have been busy the last few months with cross-border operations with Thames Valley Police. Over 50 vehicles stopped over the two days, several seized and arrests made. It is so good for us to strengthen our working relationships with neighbouring forces as it helps us be more proactive by increasing the number of offi cers in a certain location and also helps us share intelligence on our criminals. with many shocked when they get stopped by a Thames Valley offi cer in Northants!

The team have also assisted in several RSPCA warrants, seizing animals and completing enquiries with all being progressed by the RSPCA inspectors.

The winter months of the new year have provided thieves with the opportunities to steal caravans and sheep handling kits from across the county. Please mark all your kit up from your hurdles to your chainsaws so that they are more identifi able, as this gives us a better chance of returning them to their rightful owners as and when we stop people. It also makes it easier when we publish press releases about crimes to say about these details as it could jog someone’s memory. In regards to caravans, please consider investing in a reputable tracker and quality locks. 

Rural Matters March/April 2023