With the longer winter nights upon us, your local independent locksmiths, Wilson’s, look at simple improvements to home security which could help reduce the risk of burglary during these next few months, where rates are expected to rise.

Most properties, now, within the UK will tend to have a good standard of security features pre-built into the doors and windows. However, whilst attending properties which have been broken into, Wilson’s Independent Locksmiths have identifi ed, on behalf of insurance companies, some security features have either been removed, not been used correctly, are broken or have been replaced with poor quality/ incorrect parts, which can potentially invalidate insurances.

Our team of experienced locksmiths have identifi ed that the most commonly occurring issue is that locks on uPVC and composite doors are not the correct size for the door; these properties are extremely vulnerable to forced entry. Corgi Fenestration recommends that a euro cylinder should not be more than 5mm protruding from or recessed into the handle. Wilson’s also recommend that locks are to that of at least the rating EN1303 - the minimum requirement of the building regulations on new homes.

Locks which are old, weathered, tarnished or unengraved, indicate to criminals that your locks are old and have none of the security features present in modern euro locks. Where wooden doors are installed within the property, insurance companies require that locks be either 5-lever or, the preferred, BSI 5 lever locks (which can be identifi ed by the British standards kitemark stamped on cover plate).

The most important thing to remember is: Never leave a key inside the lock! When it comes to windows, most modern uPVC windows have locks built within the handles; it is particularly important that these are locked using a key. If the window is not locked, the mechanism can be manipulated and opened. For older window units that don’t lock, Wilson’s recommend the addition of “sash jammers” to bolster the windows locking points. Wooden window should be fi tted with a key-based locking device.

When it comes to longer hours of darkness, where the statistics shows an increase of over 33 % in burglaries occurring, light is a good deterrent and prevention. Solar fl ood lights have come on leaps and bounds with motion detection features; these are a great investment with no running costs. Wilson’s also recommend that if static or motion detecting lighting is installed, best practice would be to make regular checks to make sure bulbs are still intact and sensors have not been deliberately removed or repositioned without your knowledge.

When it come to the cost of energy crisis that we are living through currently, some homeowners tend not to like leaving lighting on within the home when the property is unoccupied; this gives potential burglars a good signal that no parties are home. 5W battery-operated, stick-on lights are a great and cost-effective solution - simply place to side of closed curtains and it will give the impression a room has a light on.

Other great options to improve your home security are CCTV, chaining bins together, ring doorbells, get involved in the neighbourhood watch scheme, PatlockTM etc.; the more effort and investment you make on home security, the less chance you will fall victim to burglary/break-ins.

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