Bosworth's November/December Gardens 2022Bosworth's November/December Gardens 2022 





The festive season at Bosworth’s Garden Centre has well and truly begun and we are now in full on Christmas mode. Throughout the months of November and December you can visit Santa in his Grotto at Burton Latimer and at our Elton centre; you can sit with the big man himself, joining him for breakfast. Christmas 2022 for us actually starts as early as January with the team visiting various trade shows and buying in stock.

The bulk of the work is started in September with areas of the garden centre curtained off while the visual merchandising teams weave their magic, building and dressing the displays. Our singing reindeer will be making a return this year, once again, raising funds for Cransley Hospice and the amazing work that they do in our area.

One of the plants we often bring into our home during winter is Mistletoe. The plant is actually ‘hemiparasitic’, meaning it grows on a variety of host trees and, as such, will take some of its nutrients from the host tree. So at what point did we decide to bring it into the home at Christmas time? The plant is said to represent romance, fertility and vitality, which is one of the reasons for kissing under the mistletoe. This tradition dates back to the 1700’s and was particularly popular amongst the Victorians. The Celtic Druids were reported to be the fi rst to bring the plant into their houses, with the pearl-like berries ripening to a shine during the winter months. While in the UK we use this plant around Christmas it is also linked to New Year and seen as a good luck charm

One thing to point out is that it should be kept away from Children and pets as the berries contain toxins.

During the festive season “holly” can be seen hanging in our homes and as part of wreathes and garlands. Druids considered this a special plant and it was thought to possess magical powers and, again, is linked to good luck and offering protection when hung in the home. Holly still retains its strong links to religion in Christianity. In fact the German for holly is Christdorn mean Christ Thorn.

Many of us will place a wreath on our door at during the festive season. Most wreaths are circular in shape and contain much evergreen foliage which is said to signal eternal life. Hanging on the door symbolised a friendly welcome to those entering the home and this tradition can be traced back to the 1800’s. Wreaths were not always hung on doors though; back in ancient Greece they were worn as a head dress and were used to represent a person’s status.

If you are looking for your own wreath this festive season we offer a wreath making service that offers you a unique and bespoke wreath.

From all the team at Bosworth’s Garden Centres we wish you all a peaceful and happy Christmas and see you again in 2023.

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