During the height of the pandemic, farmer’s
wife, mum of two and business entrepreneur
Milly Fyfe started posting interesting recipe
ideas and pictures of family meals being
prepared using ingredients grown on the farm,
whilst involving her two young children.

Quite quickly, her Facebook friends and
Twitter followers would ask if they could share
the recipe ideas with their friends. Milly was
also receiving messages to say how she had
inspired other people, especially parents with
young children, to get baking and involve them
too. From there, the food blog ‘No Fuss Meals
for Busy Parents’ was born. Milly created
an account on Facebook and Instagram and
started posting recipe suggestion, followed by
seasonal ingredient suggestions.

Having held various national positions within
the world of food and farming, Milly reached out
to her networks and interviewed farmer friends
who were busy, working hard to produce food
for our table. And that’s how the ‘meet the
producer’ section was founded. Each time
Milly posts, there is a local producer with an
incredible story to tell. However, they may not
have time to market their business or would
be quite humble about the achievements they
have made. So Milly has taken her passion
for food and farming and shone a light on
interesting people and found out their route
into farming and what the future holds for
them, as well as where followers can purchase
those ingredients from. Quite quickly, Milly
established a website to house all the photos,
recipes and interviews.

From September 2021, she launched a
monthly podcast ‘The Countryside Kitchen
Meets’ with a different farmer, food producer or
lover of local produce. Recorded in advance
and streamed on a podcast hosting service,
the podcast has been downloaded hundreds of
times, with ten episodes to tune into to date.
Season two will launch in September, with the
hope that it will reach out to an even bigger

Milly hopes that you can tune into the podcast
and even suggest interesting people that she
could interview in the future. The podcast is
fun, informative with some time saving hacks
to help busy people - especially parents
with young children - to prepare and enjoy
tasty meals using local sourced ingredients.
Understanding and promoting how food is
produced from the farm to fork is important
to her; she wishes to make a difference and
that more people are aware of the wonderful
farming community we have across the British
Isles. That includes promoting the message
of buying British, shopping locally and backing
British farming.

The Countryside Kitchen Meets is available on
all major podcast streaming platforms including
Apple, Spotify, Google Play and Deezer. To
find out more, contact Milly on 07752 989 544
or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Countryside Kitchen Meets...