People from across North Northamptonshire, and further afi eld, are invited to celebrate the rich heritage, wildlife and culture of the Nene Valley as the annual Nene Valley Festival returns this September.

From Saturday 10th to Sunday 18th September, as with previous years, the Festival will offer a variety of activities for the whole family and with funding from Heritage Lottery, via Nenescape, this year’s Nene Valley Festival will be bigger and better than ever.

Now in its 9th year, the Festival will feature events at key locations across the Nene Valley from Northampton to Peterborough and a wide range of activities for all ages.

The annual Festival is being organised through the Destination Nene Valley project, which works with local tourism partners, and the Nenescape Landscape partnership, to promote the Nene Valley as a competitive, sustainable destination offering wildlife and heritage to local, national and international audiences. 

Nene Valley Festival 2022Nene Valley Festival 2022