The aim of this book is to celebrate one hundred years of golf in the County of Spires and Squires, Northamptonshire, from its inception, and to provide a shortened update to a previous publication Golf in Northamptonshire, published in 2008.

Since then, there have been a significant number of changes, especially with the merger of the NGU and NCLGA to form Northamptonshire Golf Ltd, and this book reflect these. Northamptonshire Clubs have largely provided the playing area for this book, with many having successfully celebrated their centenaries, and some relatively new ones will follow in due course.

Northamptonshire Golf Ltd’s purpose is to further the interests of amateur golf in Northamptonshire and to provide guidance and assistance to all affiliated clubs within the county.

Golf in Northamptonshire on a full 18-hole course was started by a Scotsman, Dr John Allison at Kettering in 1891; he became famous in  the town and area. Prior to 1891, there is positive evidence to indicate that Great Harrowden Hall was the first place in the county where golf was informally played.

The Hall, part of the estate of Earl Fitzwilliam, was used by the Great Harrowden School for Daughters of Gentlemen 1876-1895 for ladies entertainment, which included golf. This location, the home of Wellingborough Golf Club, had a course lain out in the grounds, and a single gutty ball was found there in the woods to the right of the ninth fairway by the late, past captain Ken Ellson.

The 112-page book is priced at £5, with profits going to the Development of Junior Golf. Please email the author Martin Izzard for details on izzard. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The History of Golf in Northamptonshire 1876-2021