Many months ago when life was normal, sisters Alex Barwell
and Laura Dighton talked of a venture, an enterprise, a dream
to create a business. And then, when things were anything but
normal, they made a leap of faith and set up Olive & Wallis to
design and make jewellery that they hope you’ll love, for yourself
or for someone you love.

Determined not to let lockdown win, Alex was prompted
to move back to Gretton be closer to family after over 20
years in London and to join Laura in creating Olive & Wallis.
Like their mum, Alex & Laura are a sentimental pair and
only buy what they love, cherish it and wear it endlessly.
Lots of their inspiration comes from pieces that have been
handed down through their family: keepsakes, heirlooms
and modern antiques. Particular favourites for the everyday
jewellery and statement pieces are chains, coins and
gem stones; they are classic, simple, elegant, yet edgy.
Coins with history, gem stones with cultural meaning, and
an endless variety of chains - all the pieces are named
after brilliant, fi erce women in Alex and Laura’s lives - a
tribute to sisterhood.

Alex & Laura are so excited to be starting out together
and hope they can build a foundation that will see Olive
& Wallis produce affordable heirloom pieces for years to
come. Their designs are available via their website but
they hope to fi nd beautiful boutiques to showcase their
jewellery too.

Olive & Wallis