Winter is a great time to think about the design
of your garden, not least because most gardens
are stripped bare by now, so you can see them
more clearly. However, designing your own
garden is tricky. Even keen gardeners can
make a hash of it.

I used to work on a Channel 4 TV series with
Carol Klein and it was my job to decide which
gardens we fi lmed for the programme. During
my visits to many different gardens a recurring
theme arose; people who knew plenty of
Latin plant names but not how to design their
garden. Too many different plants crammed
into a garden is a bit like wearing your entire
wardrobe at the same time. When it comes to
garden design, less is more.

Garden design has rules and if you break
them, it shows. Design is a different discipline
to knowing your plants. And while
keen gardeners may have a strong
urge to be involved, it seems the
longer they stare at the same
garden, the more blinded they
become. Often, what’s needed is a
fresh pair of eyes.

So, I’ve put together a course
specifi cally aimed at those people
who’d like to design their own
garden. The course is held at your
home; it’s available all year round
and it’s fun! Two hours per week, for
4 weeks and during that time you’ll
learn everything you need to know
to design your own garden including
the golden rules plus a few tricks of
the trade that’ll prevent you making
expensive mistakes.

If this sounds interesting and you’d
like to fi nd out more details email
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You can also hear Nick chatting
about gardens every Sunday
lunchtime on BBC Radio Leicester. 

Less is More by Nick Turrell