Plastic pollution campaigning
organisation City to Sea have revamped
the award-winning Refi ll campaign
to help more people to eat, drink
and shop packaging-free. Thanks to
#Refi llEastNorthants, which is part of
the Oundle Waste Less (OWL) project,
people can now use the free Refi ll
app to fi nd locations to buy drinks and
food using their own cups, bottles and
containers, as well as local zero waste
shops to buy refi lls of groceries, cleaning
products and toiletries. The app also
shows where free water bottle refi lls
are available and highlights discounts
offered by different outlets, thus helping
consumers to shun single-use plastic
and be rewarded in the process.

Convenience at a cost

The launch of the expanded Refi ll campaign
comes at a critical time for our planet following
a tidal wave of single-use plastic in the wake
of the global pandemic and paves the way for
much needed action on single use receptacles
in the hospitality and retail sectors.

In 2019 research revealed that 75% of the
British public bought their lunch on-the-go
each day, generating a mind-blowing 11 billion
items of packaging waste a year – that’s a
whopping 276 items per person every year!
Packaging from take-away food and drinks
is a leading villain in the fi ght against plastic
pollution and items like food wrappers, drinks
bottles, coffee cups and take-away containers
are consistently in the top 10 items found on
beaches around the world.

The pandemic saw many cafes and retailers
temporarily stop the use of reusables and
increase the use of single-use plastic, but
thankfully research by over 100 health experts
has proved that reusables are perfectly safe
to use, meaning that reusables are back on
the menu.

Putting the power to reduce plastic in our

Research has shown 93% of the British public
are still worried about plastic pollution, more
than half say they are actively trying to buy
groceries that are not sold in plastic packaging
and 75% are willing to use refi ll services.

Less waste living made easy

The Refi ll app already connects people
with over 30,000 locations for free drinking
water, including over 20 locations in East
Northamptonshire. It now includes thousands
of forward-thinking independent cafes,
butchers, bakers, green-grocers, zero-waste
and packaging free shops as well as several
leading retailers, many of whom are offering
discounts to those who ditch the pointless

“We need to change how we use things and
reduce waste, particularly when it comes
to single use items” said Camilla Sherwin,
manager of the Oundle Waste Less project.
“Promoting #Refi llEastNorthants is just
one of the many initiatives the OWL project
team have been running to encourage local
residents and businesses to reuse, repair,
refi ll and repurpose items to avoid waste and
extend product life. We are delighted by the
enthusiasm shown by local cafes and shops
towards #RefillEastNorthants and we hope
more of their customers will now choose to

Businesses can sign up to the
#RefillEastNorthants by emailing
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or registering for free on the Refill app. 

Award-winning Refi ll campaign expandsAward-winning Refi ll campaign expands