Bulwick Village Shop, also known as
The Pickled Shop has re-opened!

The shop suffered a devastating
thatched roof fi re in February 2019
and delays caused by lockdown
hampered the progress on repairs.

As the home of The Pickled
Village’s range of pickles and
preserves, the shop has been
well-known to visitors since 2005
for its tastings as well as gifts and
hampers. Although charismatic
owner Camille Ortega McLean
loves curating a fi ne and original
selection of speciality foods and
wines, she is also keen to ensure
customers from Bulwick and
surrounding villages are provided
for with everyday essentials like
bread, milk and postage stamps.

The shop has been reimagined as a deli-kitchen space by
Stamford furniture designed Matthew Cox - incorporating
marble counters, antique lighting and areas for customers
to enjoy a coffee and cake. The open plan layout is
designed to feel more welcoming, as well as providing
wheelchair access between the shop and terrace.

Camille said: “My team and I can’t thank everyone
enough for their support over the last 18 months - we are
thrilled to be back to serve our community, and courage
visitors from all over the country to enjoy our fabulous
new shop, as well as everything else the beautiful village
of Bulwick has to offer.”

Bulwick Village Shop is also open Monday to Saturday
9am to 5pm for breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.
Visitors are welcome to sample the full range of The
Pickled Village products at their socially distanced tasting
table. Being ‘The Pickled Shop’ they also offer a selection
of wines, beers ciders and English fi zz.

If you would like to book a meal or tasting, you can online
at www.thepickledshop.com/visit or call 01780 450774. 

The Pickled Shop November/December 2020

The Pickled Shop November/December 2020