After hearing the shocking news on Monday
15th June 2020 of the beloved Wicksteed
Park going into administration, the task was
on for concerned campaigners to save the
park. Wicksteed Park, is wholly owned by
Wicksteed Charitable Trust and is a Grade
II English Heritage Listed Park & Garden.

Founded in 1921 as part of the extraordinary
legacy of Charles Wicksteed and is set in
147 acres of park lands, Wicksteed Park has
been visited by generation after generation
and brought so much pleasure to local
residents, so the fi ght was on to save it for
future generations as well to enjoy.

People from all over the county and country
jumped on the campaign. In the fi rst
day alone, various just giving pages and
fundraisers had been arranged. Social media
platforms were set up for a point of contact
for people to gain information and help with
their events. The Support Wicksteed Park
campaign was launched.

Campaigners have gratefully received
merchandise support from Red Shed
Prints, and Suzy and the now more than
300 volunteers, including Spiderman,
Stormtrooper and Wicky Bear, are all
helping with the fundraising events, covering
anything from sponsored walks, marathons,
to fun days, cake sales and climbing Mount

The support has been amazing, with
£400,000 raised so far. As Wicksteed
Charitable Trust currently needs £110, 000
per month to maintain the grounds and keep
the park open, the need to keep up with the
fundraising for the 99-year-old park remains
high .

Support Wicksteed Park

If you would like to support or organise
a fundraiser, please get in touch with the
Support Wicksteed social media platforms
on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram,
or donate via 

Support Wicksteed Park