Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust

Ride and Stride 2020
Saturday 12th September,
10am to 6pm

All a bit different this year, but we are really
hoping now that churches will be open by 12th
September and that Ride + Stride goes ahead
with the same format as usual, but with social
distancing, people using sanitiser and reduced
refreshments. 2019 was a record breaking
year with £45,286 raised, including Gift Aid.
All this sponsorship money goes to help with
the preservation of the great inheritance of
Northamptonshire’s churches.

Ride + Stride is the main fund raising event for
the Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust
(NHCT), where participants are sponsored
to cycle or walk between
as many churches and
chapels as they choose.

Last year 336 churches took part with 3,270
visits to churches; many family groups took
part, but also ‘serious’ cyclists where it is the
thrill of the chase that is important. So many
more have taken up cycling during lockdown,
that we hope we will be encouraging
newcomers to take up the challenge.

Where does the money go?

The NHCT keeps its admin costs to a minimum;
all the work is undertaken by volunteers. Half
the money raised by individual churches is
returned to the church raising the money and
all the money retained goes towards grants
for the care of churches in Northamptonshire.

In recent years the NHCT has made total
grants to Northamptonshire churches of the
order of £50,000 a year; this has really helped
churches to make signifi cant improvements to
the fabric of their buildings, many of which are
supported by small, but loyal, congregations.
In addition to repairs to the churches and their
monuments and stained glass and roof alarms
to help stop lead theft, the Trust has also
helped with making the best use of churches
for today’s needs with installation of heating,
lighting and facilities.

How can you help?

So, fi nd your maps - choose a route to suit your
group - and set out across Northamptonshire’s
welcoming landscape to visit as many of our
historic churches as you can. You can walk or
cycle as little or as far as you like, and visit just
a few churches - ‘a brilliant day out!’

This year there are 327 churches open across
the county. Do take your own refreshments
this year but many will still be offering a warm
welcome. If you would like more information
do look for the poster around your local church
or look on the website Just
a short ride around churches in your area on
Saturday 12th September and a few sponsors
and you could really help to preserve our
wonderful churches.

Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust
Registered Charity No 1021632 

Northamptonshire Historic Churches Trust