Courier fraud is becoming more prevalent and sophisticated.
Help spread the word about this kind of scam to prevent any
more people being taken in by it.

What is Courier Fraud?

Courier fraud involves fraudsters
telephoning you and claiming to be from
your bank, the police or another law
enforcement authority and attempt to
trick you into revealing your PIN number,
bank card number and personal details.

They often do this by claiming they need help with
an ongoing fraud investigation, or they have arrested
someone who has cloned your bank cards. They
arrange for a courier to collect your card, allegedly for
evidence or to have it destroyed. In reality, the card is
collected by the fraudsters to withdraw money from
your account.

Tips to avoid becoming a courier fraud victim

• Remember that neither a bank or the police
will ever ask for your PIN or arrange collection
of your bank card
• Your bank and the police will never ask you to
make high value purchases or withdraw cash
to send for examination
• Your bank, the police and any genuine
organisation will never contact you and
ask for your online banking log in details,
including a one-time password, or to move
money to another account
• If you receive one of these calls, end it
immediately and contact the police and
your bank via a different phone line, using a
number you have verified. If you do not have
another phone line you can use, hang up
and wait five minutes until the line has fully
• If a caller asks you to type your bank PIN into
your telephone handset, do not do this, as
fraudsters can use technology to identify the
• You can opt out of many cold calls by
registering for free with the Telephone
Preference Service on 0845 070 0707

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