Save Weekley Hall Wood is a
community action group formed
to protect Weekley Hall Wood
and wildfl ower meadow from
developers’ plans to build
warehousing on a beloved
Kettering woodland area. It
is made up of concerned local
organisations and passionate
individuals opposed to the
destruction of the local countryside
and the last remaining accessible natural
area around Kettering, part of Rockingham

The campaigners want to save these nature
treasures for future generations: the woodland
and the wildfl ower meadow where butterfl ies
and bees can be seen amongst the cowslips and
primroses which blossom abundantly in spring,
and skylarks and grasshoppers warblers can be
heard so close to Kettering.

One of the campaigners, Dez Dell explains:
“We aim to represent the thousands of people
opposed to this development. We have carried
out surveys recently which have shown that
hundreds of adults and children - and their dogs
- access the area and so many of them have told
us how important it is to them. Many of them
have visited the area for years and are now
sharing it with their children and grandchildren.”

Over 7000 people have signed a petition
to save the wood. It is still open for
signatures on
Another campaigner, John
Padwick says: “The Covid
lockdown has shown us how
important green open spaces are
to us. The climate emergency should
also make us think again before destroying
our natural environment. We have seen how
much this area means to local people.

It would be fantastic if children - and their adults
- could take photos of the area over the summer,
what they have found in it, and how they are
enjoying it. They can upload their photos direct to
The iNaturalist app [] is
a fantastic tool for identifying species of fl owers,
animals and plants, and very family friendly.”

Douglas Mayer, campaigner and father of Felix:
“We love that our Mowgli has a wild green space to
explore close to where we live. He loves playing
in the dens, jumping off rocks, chasing butterfl ies
in the fl ower meadow and impressing us with his
knowledge of plants and trees. We love to see him
connecting with and learning about nature. This is
exactly the childhood we want him to have. We’d
love for Weekley Hall Wood to continue to offer
our son the benefi ts that it has offered so many
children over the last many decades.”

Colouring-in poster by
Katie Brosnan available on
The Notice Board on page 57.

Save Weekley Hall WoodSave Weekley Hall WoodSave Weekley Hall Wood