It has been another quiet winter at Lyveden as we continue to work towards reopening the property later this year. The building works inside the manor are now complete and the remaining work is around the new entrance to the property and on the bridleway. These should hopefully begin soon with the current plan for Lyveden to reopen in late spring. Some of our team are now back from furlough to help with moving our offi ces from the cottage at the top of the site and setting up the new kitchen and servery. Our Ranger is working on plans to put in a new wildfl ower meadow around the manor in 2022, with work being done during the coming months to prepare and cultivate the land and ensure we get a beautiful display.

We will be getting a new visitor reception building in the new car park this year. This will help our team to regulate the number of visitors we are getting at Lyveden and will help us to protect and maintain the scheduled ancient monument Elizabethan earthworks around the Bield, labyrinth, moats and spiral mounts. These have really benefi tted from a year off – without visitors the meadows and paths have had a chance to rejuvenate and, as a team, we are keen to continue caring gently for these areas of the site so that they can be preserved for visitors in the future. With the relocation of the car park and land acquired around the manor we have a chance to try out some new paths in the outer meadows, which are less sensitive, and offer a new experience for our visitors who wish to explore further.

Although we do not know what restrictions will look like when Lyveden does reopen, we are hoping to be able to offer a takeaway service from the new café, and perhaps some indoor and outdoor seating in the summer.

For more information visit:
Lyveden, Harley Way, near Oundle, PE8 5AT • Tel: 01832 205158


Lyveden New Bield

Lyveden New Bield


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