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Happy New Year!  I trust that this column finds you hale and hearty, raring to go and grab 2019 by the Brexits, whatever that eventually means for us all…

Yes, there’s no doubt that this year is going to be one of great changes, one way or another, so let’s buckle up, hold on tight and ride this rollercoaster to the bitter end, hoping that we disembark safely on the other side without looking too dishevelled and disheartened.

Great changes will also be taking place locally, as Northamptonshire prepares to make its proposed transition to two unitary authorities from its current two-tiered structure of county and borough councils.

Again, what this actually means for us all is yet to become clear, but we have to hope that somebody, somewhere, has a plan and that will be communicated to us in due course.

I’ve never really thought of myself as a glass half-full person before - more like I’ll have a top-up thanks if you’re offering - but I have to try to remain positive about the eventual outcome of these massive events, otherwise I’ll just crumple in a heap and be of no use to anybody!

Still, there are some things on which we can of course rely - for anyone who needs a gentle reminder, St Valentine’s Day is on 14th February.  Fear not, there’s still plenty of time to purchase a special gift, plan a romantic getaway or book a table for dinner (hint, hint).

Before then, we’ve got another new year celebration to look forward to - Chinese New Year is celebrated on 5th February. This year it’s the year of the Pig.  Those born in this year are said to be chivalrous, optimistic, frank, loyal friends, light of heart but sometimes too trusting.

Whatever you’re doing for Chinese New Year, St Valentine’s Day or February half-term, have a great time. 

See you in March, which will hopefully herald the start of Spring! Thanks for reading, please visit my blog and Northants Telegraph column too.  Many thanks, Hx

 Our Corner of Northamptonshire by Helen Bach  January 2019