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It was a conversation over a relaxed pint in the local that saw Dan Tereszczyn and James Hitchcock to sourcing a mobile catering van and creating what is now known as ‘The Fish and Chip Cabin’.  Dan and James have been close friends for many years and started to discuss a dream that they had both shared since kids of a mobile fish and chip van.  They researched the concept and found that it had been a very regular service back in the day, reaching farms and cut-off villages so that everyone could get a hot fresh meal.  

Dan & James felt it was time to bring it back to our local Northamptonshire community, as it was clear that a lot of villages are suffering with very little in the way of traditional conveniences and would welcome the opportunity for a mobile fish and chip service.  Both hugely passionate about the quality of the traditional dish, Dan and James wanted to create something that would rival even the best seaside shops.

They use locally sourced ingredients and premium quality cod, caught and frozen at sea so that the freshness is preserved to the best ability.  They also look for the best quality potatoes for the tastiest chips and combining this with fresh, clean sustainably sourced oil allows them to provide the best quality fish and chips, served in nearly 20 villages surrounding Corby and Kettering. The ‘Fish and Chip Cabin’ is also suited to providing lunchtime or evening meals for corporate events or weddings. 

Portion sizes can be scaled down to suit a lighter lunch/dinner for senior guests or can provide a meal deal for a child’s party, or canapé-style fish and chips can provide a different twist to a wedding or function.  Please contact one of the team for your individual requirements.
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The Fish and Chip Cabin

The Fish and Chip Cabin