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Sign language isn’t just a communication method for the deaf community – it is a fantastic way to enable individuals with all sorts of issues to communicate effectively.   Giving children and adults an alternate form of communication to speech not only leads to a reduction in frustrations but also allows that person to build relationships and form friendships using just a minimal amount of basic signs.

Signalong itself is a British Sign Language (BSL)-based method of sign language.  Most of the signs are the same as both BSL and Makaton.  The signs are however used slightly differently – they firstly focus on key words in each sentence and they are signed in word order (unlike BSL).  Signalong is referred to as a total communication system as it is always used alongside speech, relevant voice tone, facial expression and body language.

Geddington resident, Caroline Lee, became a fully qualified Foundation Tutor several years ago and has since then has taught both staff teams and service users in various settings.  Caroline has worked with both children and adults with learning disabilities for over 30 years.  Throughout this time she has developed a great interest in the use of sign language.

Caroline is looking to deliver some fun, interactive beginners courses in 2019.  These will be short four-week courses that focus on the methodology of Signalong resulting in each learner being able to sign over 100 words confidently by the end.   These courses will take place in Geddington on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm.  All resources and handouts will be supplied.

If you interested in taking part in one of the courses or to learn more about Signalong, please contact Caroline on 07952 430877 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.