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Brilliantly whitening-up an otherwise colourless and dreary time of the year, snowdrops in Harrington offer a stunning display in February.  Taking a self-guided stroll through the history of Harrington whilst admiring the sight and scent of the white blanket of snowdrops offers you the opportunity to learn more about local history. 

Harrington’s fascinating history incorporates Knights Hospitallers, the site of a scheduled ancient monument, and a World War Two airfield with its secret history of the Carpet Baggers and playing its part in the Cold War; more recent secrets include the stories surrounding the ingredients being used in the modern day artisan gin distillery Warner Edwards.

There are many areas of the village where you can see the reason why snowdrops were brought back to England from the battlefields of the Crimean War.  Great swathes line the secluded path to the church and when you realise that modern medicine is using Galantamine from snowdrops to treat Alzheimer’s symptoms, the folklore that says snowdrops symbolise hope and purity is particularly apt.
Snowdrops appear en masse throughout the village, but when fibre optic cabling work in 2016 threatened to ruin the display, Harrington Parish Council working in partnership with local charity, Teamwork Trust, established an annual re-plant of snowdrop bulbs to make up for the impact of work necessary to bring Harrington into the 21st century.  

Adults with learning difficulties, who attend Teamwork to build skills for life and work, have planted thousands of bulbs in the past thee years through this community project. Harrington Snowdrop Walk will take place on Sunday 17th February from 1–4pm.  

Starting and finishing at the village hall, where tea and homemade cakes will be on sale to support the maintenance of the 200-year-old hall.  Warner Edwards will host tours of the gin distillery, and The Falls, the site of the ancient scheduled monument, will be open with kind permission of the Warner Family.

For anyone wanting to find out more about the Teamwork Trust,  please visit

 Harrington Snowdrop Walk