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 Corby now has its own fledgling Morris Dance side, which needs to fill out the membership with more dancers and some musicians of their own.  Anyone from Corby or the local towns and villages will be very welcome to join. 

There is no discrimination: any creed, race, gender, sexual preference, disability or age, although under sixteens will need to be accompanied by an appropriate adult, who will inevitably be cajoled into joining in.

At the moment the side meets at 7-9pm on a Tuesday at East Carlton Park in the Log Cabin, courtesy of Corby Borough Council, and is helped out by members of Braybrooke Morris Dancers.  For now, there is no charge although this will have to be reviewed when the side grows. A little financial support would also be very welcome. 

The side will eventually need to cover the cost of hiring the Log Cabin, membership of one of the Morris organisations (to provide Public Liability Insurance when dancing in public) and for kit, all before it can rattle a bucket to swell the funds when they dance out.

The side is looking for a less boring name than ‘Corby Morris Dancers’.  Currently under consideration is ‘Corby Conspiracy’.  Why, you may well ask?  Corby’s emblem is a raven; a group of ravens is called a ‘conspiracy’ so the name seems appropriate.  In addition, it suggests a subversiveness that fits well with the traditional image of Morris dancers flouting trivial byelaws and ridiculing petty officialdom.

If you are interested, in any capacity -  dancer, musician, organiser or donor, please contact David Ball by email on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Corby Conspiracy