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The Lilacs Inn in Isham was “the last pub in the village” and finally closed in January this year after a long period of uncertainty.  As has been the fate of so many pubs in recent years, the previous owners, Hawthorns, planned to sell the land for houses to be built.

Losing the pub long-term would have had a major impact on life in the village as it was very much a focal point and centre of the community; this prospect was unacceptable to a most determined group called “The Friends of the Lilacs Inn”, very ably led by John and Heather Davis and Michelle Mott.  They organised themselves and solicited views across the village and successfully gained investment commitments from many village residents.

Finally, after a protracted and complex process, the battle has been won and the “Friends of the Lilacs Inn” group finally signed the deal to buy the pub on Wednesday 22nd August.  The owning company is The Lilacs Isham Limited.

With the site vacant all summer it has become overgrown, but willing volunteers have been working hard to clear the grounds ahead of the pub’s redevelopment.  The next stage involves finalising details of the refurbishment of the building, recruiting the right tenant to run the operation long-term and then progressing with the work itself!  The aim is to reopen The Lilacs Inn early in 2019.  More news and updates in due course.

Investors are still welcome and if anyone would like to become a shareholder, please email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Heather on 07780 673 521.

Anyone with appropriate skills and qualifications who is interested in applying to become Tenant of The Lilacs should also make contact via the email address above. 

The Lilacs Inn in Isham