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Also known as Hood skittles or table skittles, Northamptonshire skittles is a marvellous classic pub game from the English midlands.   The game's ancestor is old English skittles, the most venerable of all the alley skittles games, which is still played in London. 

This version takes up a lot less space while retaining all the excitement and skill and has been popular for decades across the counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Bedfordshire.  The hood skittles table surface stands at thigh height with the top of the hood reaching fully six feet high.  The table top is made in solid quality yellow pine while high quality leather covers the surface and walls in the traditional way.   The rear of the table sports the trademark hood in robust netting.  Tables are made by a craftsman from Leicestershire who has been making and repairing them for decades.  The default table is for the Northamptonshire version of the table, 140cm deep and 102cm long.

Kettering, Burton Latimer & District Skittles League wishes to encourage more awareness of this game, entice more players, especially the youngsters, and to prosper all aspects of the league -sponsorship, new teams, new venues and a wider captive audience within Northamptonshire.

There are currently 43 teams, 504 registered players, 31 venues, a League Secretary, Treasurer and Committee, an end-of-season Presentation Evening, trophies and prize money, hand-made presentation pieces for exceptional achievements in the game, sponsors, 17 videos on YouTube and ambitions to set world records!

For full details of how the game is played or to learn more on becoming a team players, please visit

Northamptonshire skittles