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Phew, what a scorcher!  June and July certainly reminded us how hot an English summer can be, with some reminiscing about the drought of 1976. As I saw somebody say on Twitter, those remembering the summer of 1976 fondly didn’t have a car with vinyl seats!  Anyone else recall the horror of wearing shorts or a sundress, sitting in your parents’ Vauxhall Viva or similar, then peeling yourself off the seats, leaving the imprint of the fake stitching on the back of your legs - ouch!  Cars with air-conditioning were unheard of at the time - at least I think they were in North Northamptonshire.

Anyway, welcome to Autumn, a more temperate time of year, when the children are safely packed off back to school, and we can pick blackberries and either attend or reminisce about school harvest festivals. I still remain a fan of ‘We Plough The Fields and Scatter’, which we sang every year at our school with great gusto, although I think you’re more likely to hear ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ these days, a more modern update of a harvest festival hymn.

A bit like the Spring months, Autumn is one of my more productive times of year - I would prefer to hibernate in Winter and I’m not great in the heat, which usually isn’t a problem in England. Plus we’ve still got the October half-term to look forward to - two weeks for us with children over the border in Rutland, but before you get too jealous, our children went back to school just after the Bank Holiday at the end of August, so it all balances out!

Village Connect is packed with ideas for things to do in the October half-term, whether you have two weeks or just the one.  Whatever you’re doing, enjoy your Autumn. Thanks for reading, please visit my blog and Northants Telegraph column too. 

Many thanks, Hx


Our Corner of Northamptonshire by Helen Bach  September 2018